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Frost Damage

As the seasons change to wintry, cold conditions, many property owners are increasingly concerned about the risks of frost damage to their properties.

Freezing weather conditions can cause severe, adverse impact upon homes and buildings.

Frost damage occurs when water freezes in water pipes due to sub-zero temperatures, turning water into ice. As the ice expands, pipes and joints can crack and burst, when the ice thaws, water then escapes from the damaged pipes. Property owners are often faced with significant leaks, causing damage to both the interior and the exterior of their properties. There is also an added danger of water damage destroying a properties electrics.

Freezing temperatures can also lead to damage of both bricks and roof tiles, which can again result in water leaks and even structural damage.

To help reduce the risks of danger from frost damage, home owners can help protect their properties by taking a few simple steps.

Insulate pipework

Property owners should ensure that water pipes are properly lagged and insulated.

Keep the property warm

It is advised that during freezing weather conditions, central heating systems could be left on constantly at a relatively low setting. If a property is left empty for long periods, this is especially advisable.

Clear ice and snow

Clearing snow and icicles regularly from a property can help reduce pressure on both roof tiles, brickwork and guttering, though always remember to do so with personal safety in mind.

If frost damage has caused a pipe to burst and leak, the mains water supply should be turned off at the main stopcock, reducing the level of water that can escape.


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