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Home Security

Taking a few simple security measures can make your home safer and help reduce the risk of burglary and crime to your property.

Many perpetrators of crime are opportunists and will look for an easy point of access to gain entry into a property. Often an unlocked door or an open window are the most common points of entry.

Lock-up when you go out

Home owners should always ensure that doors and windows are locked when leaving the property, even if the property is only empty for a short period of time. Remember to always lock external doors, even if you are only briefly leaving your home to visit the local shop for instance.

Fit window locks

Windows are a common point of entry into a property and should be closed properly when leaving the house. It is advisable that all windows should be fitted with security locks, which should be locked with the keys removed if the property is left empty for any length of time. Pay special attention to windows that are close to exterior climbing points, such as drain pipes and flat roofs, as these are often an easy point of entry for intruders. Patio doors can be made more secure by ensuring four point locks and anti-lift blocks are fitted.

Ensure your locks are up to scratch

Home owners are advised to upgrade external door locks to a five to seven lever lock, or a mortise deadlock for added point of entry security. The strongest locks are British Standard accredited, reference number BS 3621/80. It is always advisable that in the event of moving to a new property or if a property's keys are lost, locks are subsequently changed and replaced. The addition of a door chain or peephole viewer boosts security and enables home owners to check an unknown callers identity.

Mark your property

Personal property and valuables can be protected in the advent of loss, by marking items with a security pen, personal property should be highlighted with the owners house number and postcode, this unique code can be discovered under UV light, tracing the items to their rightful owner.

Take precautions when you are away

If a property is going to be left unoccupied for any length of time, for example whilst going on holiday, there are a number of simple steps home owners can take to draw attention away from the property being empty. Light-timers are inexpensive and can easily be fitted to any lights in the home, it's advisable to set timers to light main rooms and not just hallways, to give the impression that a property is occupied. Timers can also be attached to radios and other electrical equipment. Personal belongings of value should be hidden out of sight from windows and letterboxes, it is also advisable to secure very valuable items in a safe or a safety deposit box.

It is important to cancel milk and newspaper deliveries whilst you are away, as these are certain signs to an intruder that the property is unoccupied.

A trustful and friendly neighbour could be called upon to regularly visit and open and close curtains or perhaps park their car in an empty drive on occasion, whilst generally keeping an eye on your property. If a neighbour is looking after your home, whilst you are away, always ensure you leave spare sets of keys with the neighbour and on no occasion leave them under flowerpots or doormats, these are the first and most obvious places an intruder will look.

Visible deterents can reduce risk

Homes without security measures such as alarms, are significantly more likely to be targets of crime than those with even the most basic of systems. Alarms and outdoor security lights act as a powerful deterrent to any would be intruder. Ranging from complex infra-red systems to simple lights that detect movement, an alarm specialist can give home owners advice and install a security system to help ensure properties and their contents are safer and more secure from risk of crime.


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